Pimpin' Golf

Prize-winning Volkswagon Golf of Motion29, owned by Mr. Salem Amigo.

Dori Kin Z
VeilSide Middle East's replica of the Drift King's
Nissan 350Z from the hollywood blockbuster movie The Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

JDM Soarer
Mohsen Malek's JDM JZZ30 Toyota Soarer.

Buggyra Tech Z
Nissan 350Z Buggyra Edition of Motion 29, a company with years of experience in the automobile industry, founded by Martin Koloc, proudly recognized as the Buggyra Tech.

GMC Typhoon
Prize-winning GMC Typhoon of Motion29, owned by
Mr. Salem Amigo.

Buggyra Tech Concept
Toyota Supra Buggyra Edition of Motion 29, a company with years of experience in the automobile industry, founded by Martin Koloc, proudly recognized as the Buggyra Tech.

The Legend of ARP
I must say I have seen quiet a few Supras, but a few if none quiet as beautiful as Marwan H. Abdullah's. All the visual modifications are done in such good taste, and credit must go to both Marwan and ARP for such a commendable job well done.

HKS Attacks
“With great power, comes great responsibility.” Following the Spiderman quote, it was fun working on another project. Taking over the streets of Ras-Al-Khaimah, blazing off the highways of Dubai, the all-HKS 800hp Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-Spec II.

With numerous Toyota Supra owners & enthusiasts all around the country, one is concerned only with those who possess the true potential to unleash the force within. Such is the ideology of Bader Abbas Ahmar, the sole owner of this 600hp Toyota Supra RZ.

Six Point Five
Cruising along the roads of Dubai, Mitsubishi’s are a familiar sight. Found, just about on every street and corner, their economic pricing, small underpowered and efficient engines with trustworthy Japanese reliability. The Lancer Evolution VI Tommi Makinen Edition.

Code Red
With increasing demands of getting sponsored by renowned sound system manufacturers, most pocket-rocket owners have moved away from the performance aspect of their cars to a more exciting show & shine arena. Such is an experience of this Rockford Fosgate-sponsored Honda Civic EK9.

Red Dragon
Soon after the release of the Hollywood blockbuster movie, The Fast and the Furious, the number of Mitsubishi Eclipse’s in the province gradually hiked up. That's when Marwan Al Khaja's project on his stock-block Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T begun.

Just Blaze
The finest Toyota Supra ever featured on UAE Boost. Surrounded by numerous fans, confronted by frequent street racers and expecting to compete in all upcoming car shows, Younus Ameer has just got his hands full of invitations, sale requests and contests.

HKS-R Preview
Among the hundreds of Skyline owners wandering all around the U.A.E, Faisal Al Ali, the driver of this scorching ’97 Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R V-Spec, is looking for someone who has got what it takes to keep up with this 500bhp Japanese street beast.

Soarering High
Blinging down the streets of Sharjah in a Toyota Soarer may seem preposterous since they are some of the most common cars around these days but knowing what’s under the hood is what we always struggle for. Check out Ghassan Othman's ’94 Toyota Soarer.

Toyota Supras are one of the highly demanded performance cars in the region. With the styling aspect in mind, a forethought of being matchless is the very first notion we get on our minds. This is what Jassim aka Khammas, the driver of this dazzling Toyota Supra, thinks about aerodynamic styling.

Powered By HKS
With so many street racers around Dubai, each and every one tries to be as exclusive as possible. Such is a story of Khalid Al Baloushi, the owner of the RSG Workshop and a 900hp+ Japanese super car, a 2000 model Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R.

Beauty & the Beast
Faisal Al Shamsi, the mastermind behind the customization of this remarkable Japanese import, and his project car; the Nissan Skyline. The objective being to compete in Auto Shows, he rather chose a R33 GT-S what looks like a GT-R at a first glance.

HKS Attacks
Yet another Skyline... We just can’t help it. This feature has been emailed to us by Saif, the photographer of this 900hp+ Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R. The name of the original owner remains unidentified.


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