Engine: 2JZ-GE Estimated HP: 240bhp Top Speed: n/a

Text & Photos By Sameer RB

Expect this to be the finest Toyota Supra ever featured on UAE Boost. Surrounded by numerous fans, confronted by frequent street racers and expecting to compete in all upcoming car shows, Younus Ameer has just got his hands full of invitations, sale requests and contests. Being a very demanding person himself, he made a great effort in saving some time for our photo shoot that was delayed thrice.

With so much competition in the automotive market, Younus has not been a performance-minded person. “Driving turbo cars is not easy in this part of the world where weather is tremendously hot almost throughout the year”, says Younus. “Instead, I decided to go for an injector one.” The JDM look consists of a complete VeilSide kit including a joint workout for the rear end that shows off Bomex rear skirt and a clone of ’99 Fortune Supra’s rear bumper. Paintjob is exclusive from Performance MotorSpares with rainbow-colored glitter covering the car from front end to the mid-rear. Restless hours have been spent finalizing the all-imagination flame-style airbrush dazzling all over the ride. Marvelous? Stunning? Fabulous? Of course yes!

Not pleased with the local vertical doors conversion, Younus was forced to import the kit from abroad that, unlike most locally available kits include hydraulic pumps and much other stuff to ease the burden of actually lifting the entire weight of the doors.

Meeting another car-show-attendance condition is the Radiant Red color-coded all-leather trimmed interior that includes the entire cockpit (excluding the top) and the seats wrapped with one hundred per cent leather. To cut a long story short, who says Supras are not comfortable? Injector Supra owners like Younus and Shark are all in high spirits driving their amazingly styled Japanese street warriors. Monitoring gadgets include an Auto Gauge multi-display gauge that put on view the exhaust, water and oil temperature all-in-one RPM gauge.

In-Car-Entertainment (ICE) is all about a complete JL sound system with its housing also sheltered with flame-and-thunder style airbrushing.

Finally, not much could be expected from an injector engine performance-wise but there’s no harm in decorating it either. May be somewhere deep within Younus’s heart was a small wish of driving a true all-turbo beast that forced him to induct an HKS super air filter and a 2.5” Blitz NUR Spec exhaust system. Well, it’s just a matter of time.

“I don’t count when I invest.
If I start counting, I’ll stop investing.”

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